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Number Theory

Number theory, the study of properties of integers, has attracted the interest of mathematicians for over 4000 years. This branch of mathematics continues to be an area of intrigue and active research. For some, the attraction is the possibility of solving a problem that has remained unsolved for hundreds of years; for others, it is the pure beauty of a branch of mathematics where the basic concepts are easy to understand, yet the techniques are deep and intricate. Number Theory is also important for its applications in cryptography, which are routinely applied to insure the secure transmission of information over the Internet. In this course, students learn about unique factorization, the Euclidean Algorithm, congruence arithmetic, the Fermat/Euler Theorem, Diophantine Equations, Fibonacci Numbers, continued fractions, and quadratic reciprocity. Students will be given the opportunity to explore a subtopic of their choosing in greater depth as part of a culminating project of the course.

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Session One
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赌博威尼斯人Completion of an algebra course.

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