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Machines that Learn

We have personified computers for generations: memory, processing, and thinking are terms used to describe what a computer is doing. When we break a computer down, though, we find logic devices (of the type conceived by Plato), storage, and the simple operations of addition and multiplication. And yet, with abstractions of these concepts, it appears that computers are learning. How computers do this is exactly the subject of this course.

赌博威尼斯人In this course, we will simultaneously take a top-down and bottom-up approach. From the top, we will start with high level abstractions and discuss neurons, action potentials, cryptography, propagation, the derivative, regression, and brains. From the bottom, we will start with fundamental definitions of truth and build up a system of logic. We will meet in the middle, where digital logic devices implement regression analysis to learn solutions to challenging and meaningful problems. Along the way, we will stop in courts of law and debate justice, explore our minds, and discuss the evidence for and meaning of reality.

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Session Two
Accepting Applications
at the time of application
on the first day of session

赌博威尼斯人A working knowledge of probability, an understanding of calculus with mathematical maturity and basic programming experience.

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