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Investigative Journalism: Is Seeing Believing?

Contemporary journalists are reporters, commentators, cultural critics, photographers, captioners, reviewers, essayists, and more. They write pieces from 280 to tens of thousands of words for publications that range from websites, blogs, magazines, journals—even newspapers. Their articles often incorporate photographs, multimedia, videos, or diagrams: in essence, they have to be flexible thinkers and writers, able to write comfortably in different forms and for wildly different audiences.

This multidisciplinary course will center around the relationship of photography to journalism. Tackling cultural essays, reported narratives, literary reviews, and think pieces, students will consider the ways in which writing, like photography, is a way of seeing, visualizing, and showing. To this end, they'll take full advantage of Stanford's extensive photography archives and go out in the field to learn the critical, theoretical, and practical aspects of photography. Targeted readings, reporting and writing exercises, guided conversations, and workshops will hone students' writing skills and prepare them to represent their world.

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Session Two
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