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Introduction to Logic

Symbolic logic undergirds a vast range of contemporary sciences. From Mathematics and Computer Science, to Engineering, Law, Philosophy and Game Theory, mastering the art of expressing one's thoughts clearly and logically is the first step on the road to success. This course, without assuming prior experience, will provide students with an engaging and rigorous foundation in Symbolic Logic. A variety of lectures, exercises, and group activities will keep students engaged as they master key topics, which will include: the syntax and semantics of Propositional Logic, Relational Logic, and Herbrand Logic; validity; contingency; unsatisfiability; logical equivalence; entailment; consistency; natural deduction (Fitch); mathematical induction; resolution; compactness; soundness; and completeness. Students will emerge from their three weeks together with a toolbox of broadly-applicable tools that will allow them to analyze and propose complex propositions wherever their pursuits take them.

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Session Two
at the time of application
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赌博威尼斯人Completion of an algebra course, as well as comfort with concepts of sets and set operations, such as union and intersection.

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