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Game Design

Whether you are the last one standing in your favorite Battle Royale game or clicking "like" on Facebook or Instagram, game design has become a staple in modern life, extending far beyond applications in gaming. Understanding game design opens the door to design the next blockbuster video game, learn to code, or even improve your communication skills. In this course, we will introduce a breadth of concepts involving game design and apply these concepts by coding our very own games in the Python coding language. By the time the course is finished, we'll have gamified our lives, designed a board game, coded at least 4 video games, and even begun design and development of our very own original game.

No coding experience, no problem. This course is designed as an introduction to programming, using one of the easiest to learn and best supported languages available: Python. If you already have coding experience, that's fine too: class is broken into 3 parts each day extending far beyond learning to code with Python. We will explore various Game Design Principles, improving our design skills and understanding of what makes games fun and interesting; we will learn Coding Principles, starting with basic variables and types and extending all the way to object oriented programming; and students will get the opportunity to apply what they've learned to a Challenge Activity. The class culminates with a group project, where students can design and begin development of their very own video game, and presentations will be given on the final day of class.

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