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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers are multi-disciplinarians who apply principles of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering to solve a range of practical real-life problems, from the large-scale production of pharmaceuticals to the discovery and development of novel pharmaceuticals. Some aspects of Chemical Engineering will be investigated with mini research projects including many elements of design thinking such as experimentation on small scale, process analysis, followed by iteration and redesign.

The goals of this class are to foster reasoning and analytical skills in the context of biology and organic chemistry through hands-on activities. Students will gather qualitative or quantitative data from experimental situations, understand and accurately represent data when needed, and use the data to evaluate predictions, support structure determination, and propose plans of action.

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Session One
at the time of application
on the first day of session

Mathematics including geometry and algebra.
Experience in a chemistry course or exposure in an elective or online, will be helpful.

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