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AI Robotics

赌博威尼斯人Welcome to the multidisciplinary field of Robotics. Students will be introduced to the primary subsystems of robotic solutions starting with embedded programming and basic electronics, sensors (encoders, potentiometers, accelerometers, limit switches), actuators (DC motors, hobby servos, and stepper motors), and mechanical systems (drivetrains, linear motion, manipulators & end effectors, linkages, power transmission). Small teams will design, build, and demonstrate a robotic system, including sensing, computation, and actuation using a combination of arduinos, raspberry pi, electronics, mechanical sub systems, and embedded software to solve a design challenge.

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Session Two
Accepting Applications
at the time of application
on the first day of session

赌博威尼斯人Proficient in programming (1 year of high school computer science or equivalent). Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

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