2020 Courses

Not for credit or grade, our courses provide in-depth, interactive exploration of advanced topics. Courses range in subjects from Bioscience to Business, Music to Machine Learning, Physics to Political Science, and Creative Writing to Cosmology. Please note: courses are subject to change.

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Courses Frequently Asked Questions

赌博威尼斯人What does "grade level" refer to?

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赌博威尼斯人Grade level refers to the applicant's current grade at the time they submit their application. Reference for 2020 programs:


赌博威尼斯人Graduation Year from High School

(Class of)

Current Grade
2020 12
2021 11
2022 10
2023 9
2024 8



Will exceptions be made to the age and grade requirements?

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No exceptions will be made to the grade requirements for any reason.

Applicants who are outside of the age range by no more than three months may apply, but this will result in lower priority in the evaluation process. As with the age restrictions, grade restrictions are important in providing a social environment that maximizes the value of the program experience. These restrictions are also important because students enrolled in the same course also live together in the same residence. Because the social and academic components are tightly integrated, students will have greater academic development by learning alongside others who are close in age and grade.

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